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Welcome to Colores

Art Studio and Language Lab

What is Colores

Colores is a fun multi-disciplinary art and language program to develop children’s (ages 0 to 10) creativity while exploring, learning, and playing.

A group of experienced and passionate artists  (all Spanish native speakers) will guide children through their artistic discovery by stimulating their senses and curiosity with multiple teaching tools including painting, music, art books, poems, and drama.

Classes are structured to be fun and interactive while exposing them to the Spanish language.

About The Team

About The Team

Colores is formed by a multidisciplinary and international team of enthusiastic and committed professionals in arts, creativity, education, language, culture, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, technology, business, and marketing. We are a group of happy people, who have chosen creativity as a way of living. We have our own teaching methodology, which has worked successfully, and we believe in it.  We are a group of Latinos making Colores a very special place with a  warm Latin atmosphere. We live our Latin culture with an intercultural approach: we are travelers, educated professionals, and open to cultural diversity. Our work environment is fun, joyful, very creative and multidisciplinary. We trust in students, teachers, and parents. We cultivate in our team the same trust and freedom that we support and create in the classes.

Team Colores

Marcela Certuche

Founder of Colores, BA Visual Arts with emphasis in Plastic Arts

I am the proud founder of Colores: Art Studio and Language Lab. I have been teaching art for kids for over 5 years. I was born in Cali, Colombia where I was exposed to multiple forms of art since I was a child.

My love for art led me to obtain a college degree in Visual Arts from a top college in Bogotá, Colombia with emphasis in painting and sculpture. I also studied theater for four years. I deepened my knowledge in sculpture with a Brazilian master in 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2010, I relocated to Paris to closely study masterpieces in museums and art history. In my work as an artist I have been focused on painting, sculpture and ceramics. My artwork has been exhibited internationally in Colombia and Brazil. My biggest display until now has been at the Contemporary Art Museum in Bogotá, Colombia.

I founded Colores because I am a creative person, and I love to teach art. I believe in the power of art and languages to foster creativity and autonomy, and to transform our ideas to create together a better world.

I wanted to create an art studio and language lab to share, paint, play, inspire, imagine, observe, think, learn, and laugh. The result is Colores.

Colores is important to me because it allows me to share my knowledge, expertise, creativity, and my idea in a education for love: in the USA, Colombia, and worldwide. I believe that everywhere should have a place like Colores: a space to feel, think, explore, imagine, make, share, and inquire.


Marcela Certuche 

Diana Sistiva, PhD

Psychologist for children and adults, Dancer (classic and contemporary)

I am a psychologist who is highly interested in all different kinds of artistic expressions, both personally and professionally. At a personal level, the practice of classical and contemporary dance has always been an important part of my life. At a professional level, I often integrate art in my practice as a therapist.

I was born and raised in Colombia, then I moved to Paris where I graduated as  a psychologist and worked for 12 years. I relocated to San Francisco in 2012 where I met Marcela. I feel fortunate for having been involved in the beginning of Colores when it was blossoming since the early stages. Now I have the opportunity to alternate this wonderful experience at Colores with my career as a psychologist.

I am convinced that art is a unique means to develop our abilities and to connect with ourselves. The artistic creation process can play a key role in the healthy construction of self and personality. Moreover, I am aware of the importance of the process itself rather than its results. That’s why I believe in Colores and its approach.

It’s very rewarding to see our students creativity bloom throughout our classes, and their personality and confidence grow with it. That’s what makes me realize I have the most amazing job!

Diana Sistiva 

Yetnalezi Quintas 

Teacher, Master in Telecommunications Management

I have 7 years of experience teaching at graduate level at the largest online university in Mexico. I’m passionate about education for both children and adults. I like to understand the different learning styles of each of my students and design activities that target the diversity of the group. I joined Colores because I strongly believe that the combination of art and learning a new language sparks the creativity that everyone has, is fun and entertaining. My favorite colors are verde, amarillo and azul.

Yetnalezi Quintas

David Menilla, PhD

English Literature from UC Berkeley

I received my degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley.  I wrote my dissertation on the English writer Virginia Woolf and the emphasis she places on creative labor—painting, dancing, writing, etc.—as a means to discovering our latent creative talents. For Woolf, who grew up in a time when women were not allowed to go to the library unless accompanied by a man, nurturing a space where individuals were free to express themselves was not a luxury but a necessity.

Needless to say, Colores has given me the opportunity to practice what Woolf preached. I am very excited to be working with a great team of talented artists and educators and to have the opportunity to teach and learn from such talented children. Their abundant imaginations, zest for life, and playfulness are invigorating. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Colores experience.

David Menilla

Veronica Henao 

BA in International Business, MA in International Studies

From an early age I discovered my passion for the performing arts and my wonderful talent of signing, when I got involved in artistic groups and took classes in theater, music and dance. My interest in learning about other cultures and languages led me to jump into the international business world. I moved to San Francisco in 2012 and as a graduate student at the University of San Francisco, I conducted research in my hometown (Medellín, Colombia) on the arts for social change.

Moreover, in the past three years I have worked with children as a caregiver, and in a non-profit that empowers underserved families in San Francisco. I fell in love with my work and feel privileged of having the opportunity to teach and learn so much from children.

Working at Colores is an exciting journey where I combine my business knowledge with my skills and passion for the arts and love for children. I believe in Colores because it is a space where kids can explore the world and themselves through the transformative power of the arts.

Veronica Henao

Mauricio Cuervo

Photographer, Computer Scientist, MBA

Thanks to all the extracurricular classes and summer camps I took as a child, I turned out to be a very eclectic adult. Throughout my entire childhood I had the opportunity to participate actively in sports, explore nature in Colombia and share great experiences with my friends at the boy scouts. Today I love to spend my time in the wilderness, hiking, meditating, recharging my energy, and enjoying the beauty and harmony of nature.During one summer as a pre-teen, my mother enrolled me in “computer classes”. I learned programming and immediately fell in love with computers, and that led me to a career in software engineering. Today, I work for one of the largest semi-conductors companies.

When I was 12, I saw my father taking photos with different cameras and lenses. He was an enthusiast photographer. Shortly after, I was in a darkroom developing my first set of black and white photos in a lab with adults. That started a journey that has given me so much satisfaction and passion. This passion for photography has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of art, where I can enjoy freedom and diversity of expression. I joined Colores because I now want to give back to the next generations. Education is the key foundation to a better society. I want to see children with endless curiosity developing their language skills, their confidence, and most importantly their ability to express themselves freely. After multiple seasons at Colores, I have witnessed how kids flourish by using the creative process and a second language. It is very inspiring and rewarding to see them exploring, growing and expressing themselves.

Mauricio Cuervo

Erika Castañeda

Lifestyle and Food Photographer; BA in International Relations specialized in Marketing

Lifestyle photographer with a Bachelors degree in International Relations with 10 years of experience in international education and tourism specialized in online marketing. Everywhere I have worked has been related with children and youth education and development. I have had amazing experiences working with children; their spontaneity and innocence make me look at things (and life) in a different way.

Colores is a place where I can combine my experience and my passion for visual arts. For me it is also a key element of the San Francisco community. I would have loved to have a place like Colores when I was little, maybe this is why I am so glad to be part of such a complete program and being able to share part of my culture, including my language and traditions.

Erika Castañeda



“My kids have been going to Marcela’s Spanish Art class for two semesters now and it has been their favorite after school activity. Marcela is warm and caring as well as a great artist. They are learning Spanish while singing, dancing, drawing, taking photos, working with clay and more. We are so happy we found Colores and highly recommend it!”Jitka Citron

“Marcela is a natural teacher and gifted artist. She brings passion, joy, creativity, and a high level of skill and experience to her work with children. She is a master at gently guiding children to learn new skills while helping them to explore and trust their own creative instincts. My daughter has been working with Marcela for two years and has blossomed under her care. She has found much joy in doing art projects with Marcela and has gained a tremendous amount of confidence through learning a second language. My husband and I feel extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Marcela. She is a gem of a person and a beautiful influence in our daughter’s life. If you have the opportunity to enroll your child in one of her classes, take it! You won’t be sorry.” Amy Zeavy

“My daughter took classes with Marcela in 2008 – 2009 in Bogota (Colombia) and I can say my daughter is now much more confident and enthusiastic about art than she ever was. We were truly sad when Marcela left to relocate in San Francisco but we know the beautiful legacy she left on our daughter will stay lifelong. Any family lucky enough to have their children at her classes will be fortunate!”Laura Rojas





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