Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do we teach the art class in another language?
A: Research shows that the window of opportunity for learning a second language is optimal between birth and age 12.   Art is a fun way of discovering new words, while interacting with other children. More on this topic coming soon.

Q: Must my child speak Spanish to participate in the Colores program?
A: No. The classes are designed for all levels of Spanish, beginning to advanced.

Q: What are the benefits for my child to learn another language?
A: Numerous studies have shown how learning a foreign language enhances cognitive development. Additionally, children who learn a second language at a young age often develop advanced levels of proficiency in that language, native-like pronunciation and intonation, and a curiosity about and acceptance of other cultures.
This short and entertaining video by reporter Cristina Costnatini says it all.

Q: Why we mix language and art?
A: Because language and art can complement and assist each other. We have seen how learning Spanish through art activities decreases inhibitions, improves self confidence, and also improves comprehension. Similarly, we have seen how the use of Spanish songs, stories, and games creates a fun atmosphere where children feel willing and inspired to express themselves creatively.

Q: When do your recommend children start learning a second language?
A: The younger, the better.Q: Is there summer camp program in 2015?
A: We won’t have Summer Camp this year but we offer private and semi-private classes. Please contact us to receive more information.

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