April 4 -May 28 (8 weeks), 2016.

Musical Spanish 0-5 years

This fun and creative class in Spanish is designed for children ages 0 to 5 accompanied by parents or caregivers. Our passionate Spanish native speaker artists will guide children and adults through the world of music by stimulating their senses while exposing them to a new language. The class features different rhythms, nursery rhymes and creative stories. Children and adults participate at their own pace, listening, singing, dancing and using percussion instruments.



 Creative Spanish 5-10 years

In this class children will be exposed to the Spanish language using creativity and art.The methodology of the class is multi-disciplinary integrating images, speaking,reading, music, drama, and expressive movement. Children will explore different techniques and materials to create their artwork (collage, painting, ceramics, theater, storytelling, among others). The class is taught in Spanish allowing children to build vocabulary, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and conversation skills.




How Do We Teach at Colores?

Classes at Colores are designed so that children can listen and practice Spanish while singing and talking. During the first 10 minutes, through readings, songs and games, they will listen to new vocabulary and at the same time they will learn about different artists and techniques creating a hearing, visual, and emotional sensitivity in this language.

In the next 30 minutes children will explore with the chosen material for the day. At Colores we believe that the child doesn’t need a lot of materials at the same time; in this learning process less is more as fewer materials allow the child to imagine, think, create, and transform. The creation of artwork is a process that can be done in one session or during many sessions. We give children the freedom to choose when they want to complete their artwork. We seek to strike a balance between the thinking, the feeling and the will, always respecting the natural abilities of the child to create art.

While the child is at his/her creative process the person guiding the class will be by his/her side, sometimes very close supporting his/her artistic process and other times leaving the necessary space to allow the child to concentrate and work freely. At Colores the child will find guidance through support, stimulation, observation, and imitation.

We organize some sessions to create “group works”, the same way some of the greatest artists have collaborated through history. At Colores we strongly believe in communication, collaboration, and the joy of sharing.

Colores always ends classes with songs; we use music as a tool to transmit joy and to help children finish the class on a high note.

Colores knows the importance of learning a second language

Please refer to our FAQ section to learn why we teach art in a second language.

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